The Rustic Photo Booth business
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Our Photo Booth Business

love sign in the photo booth

Our Photo Booth Business

We are very proud to have designed and built our rustic styled heart booths from the ground up using the knowledge gained after 7 years booth experience and 15 year photography and IT experience.

2017  is our first year with the booth and its already been a great success. This has led us to the decision to manufacture and sell our booths to people wanting to start up on their own photo booth business.

We are not like some other companies in the industry who will claim you can make 50k a year off a single booth as this just simply isn’t possible, however over the past 6 years using pretty much only Facebook marketing and word of mouth we earn around 9-10k per year per booth without pushing so hard.

I started in the booth business on the birth of our 2nd child, due to child care my wife needed to stay at home and look after our young family. This led to the decision to start up a photo booth business, so I got a bank loan (10k) and began my journey and learnt a hell of a lot.
After around 150 events using  my original booth which was big heavy solid booth (looked nice) I decided to design my own booth based on an open style which is the most popular in the USA and the rest is history

Drop us a message if you would like to find out more about starting your own business using one (or more) of our booths.



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