More information about out Rustic Photo Booth
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More about the Rustic Photo Booth

image with photo booth reviews

More about the Rustic Photo Booth

The Rustic Booth
This isn’t just a photo booth it’s also a beautiful addition to your wedding. We have designed the Rustic booth to combine the fun of a booth with the elegance of a wedding. As you can see from the pictures and videos this is an open style rustic styled booth but don’t let its rustic look fool you the booth is packed with top end electronics

  • Top end DSLR camera similar to what your photographer will use
  • Studio flash
  • Professional grade printer
  • Touch screen technology

All of this ensures that the booth runs quickly and smoothly for the duration of your hire. Pictures typically print automatically in around 10 seconds.

How does it work ?
Very simply
1. The guests touch the screen to start
2. The session starts and takes 3-4 photos depending on your template choice.
3. Two prints appear from the apple crates in around 10 seconds
4. The booth attendant will add one to the guest book and your guests take the second one.

Simple as that and our attendant will be there to make sure the event goes smoothly as possible
vintage image of the photo booth

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