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Why Hire a Heart-Shaped Booth

Heart shaped photobooth

Why Hire a Heart-Shaped Booth

If you’ve ever contemplated hiring a photo booth for an event, you should get a heart shaped. Why? Well, during most photo shooting sessions, we desire to fuse fun and elegance; so, you will need a booth that works for any event.

Whether you are holding a wedding, taking some family photos, enjoying some festivity …name it, you will be surprised by the quality of photos you will extract from the heart-shaped booth

If you want to buy a booth for any festive themed occasion, our heart-shaped booth will aptly serve you. The booth fuses the stylishness of the wedding with the fun of the photo booth and comes up with very splendid photos.

And, we recognise that sometimes you may need to take group photos. Hire a photo booth that will let you take group shots effortlessly. Yes, our heart-shaped booth is exactly what you need; it allows for group shots that will be treasured for years to come.

What Are Its Appealing Features?

 The rustic heart booth is designed to perfectly complement any vintage, rustic, or classic event. The booth has a vintage appearance but has all the features and functionalities that can provide very elegant photos in seconds. The professional grade photographic equipment in the booth produces very incredible photos from the waist up.

Touch Screen Heart.

This booth comes with a touch screen heart that lets you select black and white or colour. Once you touch the screen, the entire photo session is automated and you get instant Colour or Black & White prints.

Instant Prints

For the heart-shaped booth, be assured that you will get instant prints. In fact, within ten seconds, the prints will be out. Since you don’t have to wait for photo’s to be printed ques are short and you will end up with hundreds of photos from your event.

Photo Guest Book

With our heart-shaped photo booth, you will get a free guestbook for guests to sign, and it includes photos that they have just taken from the booth. All the pictures your guests have taken will be accessible for you to view any time..

Booth Attendant

Assuredly, our booths are designed to run faultlessly. However, we also understand that you need a booth attendant to help you with the both operation and tending your guest book. So, rest assured that everything will run smoothly throughout the event.

Photo Templates

Our heart-shaped photo booths have professionally designed and customizable templates that help make your photographs extra special.

Curtain Choice

Our heart-shaped booth provides you with a selection of curtains that you can choose from as you ideal backdrop

Now, with a perfect design and coupled with perfect features, our heart shaped booth is the most is ideal for any occasion. Visit the Rustic Booth Company to hire a photo booth. Also, you can buy a photo booth from us for your own business!

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