South Causey Inn Wedding Photo Booth
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South Causey Inn Wedding photo booth hire

Heart shaped photo booth

South Causey Inn Wedding photo booth hire

Located at the Vale of Durham in an incredible country setting, South Causey Inn is the perfect spot for amazing photo shoots taking into account that it is near the Beamish Museum and situated directly between Newcastle and Durham City.

About South Causey Inn

South Causey’s Durham Suite and Old Barn are sited in 100 acres with a wild meadow, herb gardens, and beautiful flowers that makes it possible to capture those mesmerizing photos. Besides, the place has an eye-catching lake setting, and transport is available to and from on your wedding. South Causey Inn has great and skilled chefs to make you delicious wedding breakfast, and it also has 41 bedrooms for your guests.

Photo Booth Hire

Rustic Booth Company is among the leading companies that offer photo booth hire services around the UK. For an unforgettable experience at the South Causey Inn, hire Rustic Booth to ensure you remember your beautiful wedding for years to come.

Rustic Booth Hire is all about brand quality and our team of professionals ensure that every customer they work with is satisfied and happy by providing a friendly service while offering the best quality photography for complete customer satisfaction.

Hire our photo booth for your South Causey Inn wedding to create memories which last a lifetime through amazing photo booth Images. The results speak for the selves, and we have a strong reputation for capturing high-quality wedding photos.

Our photo booth has the following amazing features:

  • Touch screen technology
  • Professional grade printer
  • Studio flash
  • Top end DSLR Camera
  • Photographs come straight from the apple crates

Our top end equipment ensures that the photo booth runs smoothly and quickly for the duration of your hire. Photos print automatically in around 10 seconds.

Moreover, the photo booth is designed to complement any classic, rustic, or vintage event. It also has all the functionality and features that can offer you beautiful photos in seconds.

Get In Action

Hiring a photo booth is a fantastic way of socializing with guests and make them feeling like a part of the wedding as you capture fantastic memories together and spend time with your party guests.

Photo booths provide hours of endless entertainment, and our team is always glad to see more people come back, Making our Rustic Booth a fantastic addition to your wedding. Your guests will have a great time taking photographs that the will cherish for a long time to come.

Photo Guest Book

Photo booths offer something unique when compared to a guest book. By having a booth at the South Causey Inn, your guests can take as many photos as they like.  Not only does the groom and the bride have plenty of pictures for the guestbook but all guests will get their own prints to take to their homes.

Ultimately, if you want a stress-free relaxed photo shoot system in your South Causey Inn wedding, go for a Rustic Heart photo booth. It will offer you the best opportunity of capturing pictures of all guests in their natural state. Furthermore, you will be able to see your guests’ personalities shine as they pose with props, family, and friends.

Photo Booth Hire at South Causey in another lovely picture form the South Causey Inn

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