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Buy a photo booth uk
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Start your own photo booth business

Buy A Photo Booth

Own Your Own Rustic Heart Booth

Looking to Buy a Photo Booth? Offer your customers something completely unique.

The Rustic Booth Company have been providing our unique photo booths to the wedding industry for two successful years. We have combined the elegance of a wedding with the fun of a photo booth and we are now offering you the chance to own your own Rustic Photo Booth. Buying a photo booth from us will give an exceptional return on investment.

Drop Us A Message Anytime If You Would Like To Buy a Photo Booth,

The Rustic Heart booth is a beautifully elegant and lightweight booth.  When you buy a photo booth as well as being a stunning photo booth to offer your customers it’s also extremely quick to set up and easy to take down. The Rustic Heart Booth shell contains an LED strip for constant light as well as a studio flash that fires through the 3 hearts allowing you to optimise your DSLR settings for the best possible blur-free sharp results. Built-in 15.6 touchscreen monitor allowing easy operation of the booth. The design allows you to attach any laptop or pc (requires 3 USB and 1 HDMI) that we recommend you place in the crates along with the printer completing the rustic look and hiding any technology from the guests. Because of its rustic vintage look it is especially suited to weddings and any special occasions such as birthdays or engagement parties.

The Heart photo booth is an excellent photo booth to buy and offer your customers. The Rustic Heart Photo Booth shell design allows for the cables to be cleverly hidden by the flowers that wrap around the stem. To complement the rustic look we also place our printers in the upper apple crate with the power bars and laptop cleverly hidden in the lower crate. The unique design makes the whole setup look cableless and an excellent centerpiece at any special occasion especially weddings.

photo booth in wedding venue

Buy a Photo Booth For Weddings

The look of our booths is designed compliment any classic, rustic, vintage wedding perfectly.
Our booths have a vintage look but contain professional grade photographic equipment, producing fantastic images.

promotional picture of the photo booth

Buy A Photo Booth For Proms

The design of our booth is the perfect addition to any prom. Buying our open styled booth allows you to offer an experience allowing for fantastic group shots that prom guests will love.

Christmas decor on the photo booth

Buy a Photo Booth for Festive Occasions

Same booth different dressing complements any festive party or wedding perfectly.



Services & Features

Beautifully designed booth that can be setup in 5 minutes offering an excellent return on investment.

Touch Screen Heart

Touch screen technology for easy operation. Compatible with any windows based operating system.

Instant Prints

Our professional grade printers produce prints from the apple crates in around ten seconds.

Easy Setup & Take Down

Set up and take down is extremely quick and easy. Even with the full surround, a single staff memeber can put the full setup together in under 30 minutes.


Full setup including the surround can fit in a car as small as a Corsa, which means staff will have no problem using their own transport.


Compared to other booths our is booth is very lightweight and can easily be carried up stairs.


The surround sets this booth off and is easily replicated or changed to offer your customers different looks with the same photo booth.


Buy A Photo Booth

If you would like to buy a photo booth prices start from £1400 for the shell plus postage (we ship internationally)
Message us on our Facebook Page or email for a full price list. Our invoice system allows us to take bank transfer or credit card payments.

some great pictures from the photo booth

Stunning Design

Wonder how our booth can look in a venue then take a look below. It fits in perfectly with most rustic, vintage, shabby chic, classy themed weddings our parties.

photo booth banner
South Causey Inn

The Barn

Rustic Heart Booth 5 minute setup

One of the fastest and easiest booths to setup in the industry. See the above video of the booth being setup and taking pictures in 5 minutes. The clever design contains every thing in the crates or heart meaning easy setup and even easier packing up.

Become your own boss and and start your own photo booth business. I started my own photo booth business 7 years ago to earn extra income whilst my wife looked after our new family. Running my own business on weekends gave us the extra income needed live comfortably, afford holidays and move up the property ladder.

It’s a great way to earn additional income if your have a willingness, motivation and personality to make it successful .

Develop new skills for yourself, grow your business, and build yourself and your family a better future.

Marketing Advice

This is the most important part of any business. We can guarantee with a simple paid Facebook campaign you will get enquiries as our booth is truly unique and this is the method we use.


The other main marketing methods are
– Wedding fairs
– Google Adwords
– Website
– Directories


We 100% believe Facebook is the quickest and easiest method to start getting enquiries

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